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I am inspired every day to help students and teachers connect with the wide variety of technologies available as they reach out to the world and build their knowledge base. No student or classroom should operate without connecting to the tools of today's society.

As a sixth grade math and science teacher for 13 years I taught science with a focus on geological events that shape the world we live in. I worked diligently to provide tools and resources to students to make learning math fun and engaging. Using online discussion tools, online skills practice, movie making, and more, I sought to provide learning opportunities for my students that connected them to the skills they would need in their technology infused futures.

My recently completed MA in Learning Technologies drives me to work with more teachers and students; helping them to use technologies in collaborative and creative ways.

Check out my Action Research on a Technology Community of Practice within a Middle School.

From 2014-2017, I enthusiastically took on the role of Technology Coach for our school. Striving daily to enhance technology use by teachers and students, I coordinated technology tools, assisted teachers and students as needed with technology and training, visited classrooms as a guest technology teacher.

In 2017, I returned to the classroom as an Explore teacher, allowing students time to explore, their "Genius" in areas of interest while also providing opportunities to create and collaborate using foundation technologies such as circuits, electronics, video, audio, and more.

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